The deadline for e-Filing 1099-Misc with money in Box 7-NEC (Non-Employee Compensation) is January 31. NO EXCEPTIONS*. This is the most common type of 1099-Misc form. Box 7 is for Contractors, Vendors and many others.

    All  other series 1097, 1098, 1099, 5498, 3921, 3922, etc, can be efiled  later, and CAN still get an automatic extension of time to e-file.

    Because the IRS has removed the AUTOMATIC EXTENSIONS OF TIME FOR 1099-MISC-NEC,  thousands of business will be hit with surprise late filing penalties,  because they will try for an extension in January 2019, find it is  unavailable, and not have enough time to complete the 1099 process on  time.

    *A paper extension on Form 8809 is available, but will likely be denied. The excuse must be a “catastrophic event”, such as a hurricane.

    This deadline applies, whether you file on PAPER or FILE Electronically via the FIRE site.

    Planning for filing these important documents is critical.  Call us for assistance with the filing of your 1099’s.


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